Thursday, March 23, 2006

So three days to go till the big day for Pago Por Clic Mexico at the upcoming Tianguis Turistico
in Acapulco. So far we are up to 27 meetings for the three day period.

If we can get 5-7 clients, I will be ecstatic. Not an impossible conversion rate to achieve.

What we continue to see while doing research on the clients websites is that there is an overwhelming usage of Flash with very little keyword marketing. Unfortunately many of the hotels have placed tremendous amounts of money into creating beautiful websites that will likely never be found by potential customers searching within Google (at least until Google figures out how to crawl Flash sites).

Still working on getting our own website up in the rankings as well. We just launched last week, so it is kind of like watching the kettle boil right now. Trying to get some links up, and optimizing in both languages.

If anyone out there has some recommendations on optimizing multi-lingual sites, it is always appreciated. Nothing like throwing another variable into an already crazy algorithm to keep you up late at night.

Anyways, would love to hear from anyone else out there with similar experiences in Mexico (or other Latin American countries).

Friday, March 17, 2006

Kirk Jorgensen - President

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We have just started our company PagoPorClicMexico in beautiful San Miguel de Allende.

As I type, we are rapidly throwing together a marketing presentation for the upcoming Tianguis Turistico convention in Acapulco.

So far the level of interest as been tremendous, and we are hopeful to have at least 5-10 clients by the end of the month.

What we are finding is that many of the companies operating within the toursim industry are trusting their marketing campaigns to their web designers.

We are currently trying to position ourselves within this cycle so that the businesses recognize the value that we offer from a revenue/profit position.

Not any easy sell, but one that we are confident we can make.